Rock Climber – the rules of the game in casino

Rock Climber – the rules of the game in casino

February 16, 2023 0 By cr_admin

Rock Climber – the rules of the game in casino

Remember the song that was sung by the heroes of the movie “Vertical”: “Here you are not the plain, here is a different climate …”? Those are the lines that come to mind when you start playing video slot “Climber”. This slot machine in casino is a kind of gift to all lovers of mountain climbing from the company Igrosoft. The colorful design of the machine realistically conveyed the romance of rocks, encouraging adventurers to climb to the top, in this case – the top of the table in the winners casino online. On our website you can make climbing, playing Rock Climber slot, completely free of charge, without sending SMS and registration. If you are a gambling man, welcome to the section “play for money” in online casino.

The plot of the video slot Rock Climber in casino

You have a terrific opportunity to conquer not one but several peaks, getting for each successful ascent (or spinning the reels) and the accompanying risk and hard work a considerable reward in casino.

As the name suggests, the game used images of mountaineering equipment: ice axe, tent, boots, backpack, etc. If a line will fall at least three of these characters, your game account will be replenished by a small amount in online casino. There are more “generous”, and therefore more desirable symbols. For example, a picture of a rope and hook opens the bonus game in casino online. And five symbols “flag”, rolled on a line, will multiply your initial bet of 2000. Snow usually causes climbers and mountaineers a lot of problems, but our slot machine is a unique exception – five snowflakes on a payline will increase your bet by 5000 times the online casino real money.

Rock Climber features in online casino

Slot machine in casino Rock Climber is an interesting slot machine which offers players, like other slots from Igrosoft, five reels and nine paylines. The casino online bet per line can range from 1 to 25 coins, and the coin value can be set independently ($0.10 – $10). There is also an opportunity to fight with the computer and double the prize money by agreeing to play the risk game on the second screen in the online casino.

Rock Climber Slot Basic Game

Before you start the game in casino, that is, before you run the reels, you need to determine the number of active lines in the game and the stake, as well as the value of the coin. After that, press the SPIN button and plunge into the world of excitement. Spin drums until on the same line are three or more of the same symbol. The winnings in online casino depends on the number of characters and their “value”: The different images give the player different multipliers by which the bet is multiplied. Details about the value of each combination can be found in a special menu game (opens by clicking on “Paytable”). If on one spin you get several winning combinations on different lines (provided they are assigned active in the game), all winnings are summed up in casino online.

“The flag, as we’ve already hinted above, is a special symbol and acts as a wild, meaning it can turn into any other symbol. For example, you’ve got two “backpacks” and a “flag”. Such a combination reads as a combination of three “backpacks”, and you get a prize payout for three “backpacks”. If the flag appears in a line containing four of the same symbols then your initial bet will increase by up to 100 times your online casino real money.

The Rock Climber risk game in online casino

If you are lucky, and the next spin you win a small amount of casino, you should not hurry and take it away, it may make sense to play an additional game of doubling. The essence of the game in online casino is to guess the colour of a playing card in the casino online. After the dealer reveals his card, you need to reveal one of the remaining four cards. If the colour of your card matches the dealer’s, your winnings will be doubled. Doubling your “loot” in this way can be endless. But beware! If you make a mistake and pull the “wrong” card, all your winnings accumulated earlier will be “burned”. So do not get too carried away with this doubling in online casino real money.

Bonuses in online casino games

To start the bonus game in casino need to collect on a line at least three symbols “Hook and Line”. If this happens, the game will move to a second screen with a rock climber and five ropes dangling from somewhere above. You need to select one rope and then our climber will start to climb on it. If he eventually climbs the ledge on the cliff, the player earns coins, and other ropes appear on the screen in the online casino real money. And the choice is repeated, then again. If you end up being able to climb to the top of the mountain, you get a pretty big bonus in casino online. True, this path conceals many dangers – some ropes can lead the climber into the cave of a bear man-eater, a meeting with which will lead to the end of the game. But all of the coins you’ve collected up to this point will stay in your online casino account.

Online casino slot summary

As you can see, Rock Climber online casino offers us a very interesting and fun pastime. The most interesting part is probably the bonus game. Experienced players are advised to remember which cords are safe and which lead to a loss in the online casino. According to them, this helps in the following bonus games to go further and significantly increase both the chances of winning and its amount. You can play Rock Climber video slot for real money or for free in the casino online.